MATCHA, one of the biggest inbound tourism media companies in Japan, visited Asakusa Kaede

MATCHA, one of the biggest inbound tourism media companies in Japan, visited Asakusa Kaede today!

MATCHA visits monthly by around 3.4 million people from over 240 countries and regions, covering everything Japan-related, from sightseeing and food to culture and practical information. We were honoured to have them at our hotel. Their content is created and curated by expert editors from around the globe who are passionate about Japan. They mainly offer online articles and a comprehensive travel platform, catering to all who plan to visit or are currently in Japan. MATCHA fulfills every traveller's needs and expectations, from trip planning services like accommodations and tour bookings to WiFi reservations and coupons usable during your trip.

This time, Matcha visited on Dec 2022 and made a report on Edo Suite, Aizome, Nishijin and Kutani rooms, as well as the lunch menu at  Tokyo sour stand.

Matcha describes Asakusa as the basis of Japanese style, inherits the purest part of Edo culture and adds a little different ingenuity so that tourists can feel fresh every time they visit. "Asakusa's Maple, ASAKUSA KAEDE" provides a relaxing Japanese aesthetic space where you can fully experience the customs of Japan through tatami space in the room, and traditional Japanese art, such as kimonos, ceramics and woodblock prints.

The first room they visited was the "Edo Suite" on the top floor of the hall. Edo suite is expressed as the most spacious room with the highest-quality crafts to create a "spring" atmosphere. They enjoyed the attic style as a small base with more privacy in Asakusa, with a sense of belonging like home, creating a stable space with tatami and wooden elements and stated the whole room covered by tatami gives peace of mind. It is a family-friendly environment preventing children from falling from bed.

The next room they visited was on the fourth floor, Aizome. Matcha describes the Aizome room as setting off the theme of Japan's cool summer, and the blue dye itself has an insulation effect, coupled with a gentle wooden tone, which can also create a warm atmosphere.

Matcha was impressed by the idea of harmony with Kyoto's colourful Kimono and the Japanese autumn" theme, the Nishijin suite brings a "low-key" and luxurious atmosphere to their third room.

Their fourth room, the Kutani suite, Matcha, highlighted traditional Japanese craft, Kutani Yaki as solid colours and unique composition styles and techniques.

Aside from all the room features, Matcha seemed to be surprisingly impressed by providing a water dispenser in each room based on the concept of sustainable goals.






Matcha also experienced 楓LOUNGE by TOKYOSOURSTAND. The editor ordered comprehensive fruit muffins, describing them as different from ordinary muffins and more likely "Bubble Waffle" of street snacks in Hong Kong. "It is full of fresh fruits and natural sweetness with crispy and soft muffin skins, which is very delicious!" Another meal they tried is one of the most popular lunches, the salty muffin (B.E.C.K). They expressed it as a golden match between bacon and egg juice "coupled with fragrant sauce" and the saltiness and softness bring a complete sense of happiness.


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Crafting a New Boutique Hotel in Tokyo's Historic District

How did Asakusa, a district that uniquely fuses the historic and traditional atmosphere with modernity, influence the design of the hotel? What concepts were at the heart of the project?

To find out, please watch the discussion between Nobuykui Fujimoto, the hotel's architect, and Kyoko Yokoyama, head of project management at Housing Japan, who provided design supervision for the project.


Grand Opening and Blessing Ceremony

We are incredibly excited to be opening our boutique hotel today. A stone’s throw away from Sensoji, (the most famous temple in Tokyo), you are invited to embark on a cultural journey by staying with us in the heart of Asakusa. Enjoy our luxurious themed suites, all exhibiting unique aspects of traditional Japanese art and furnishings with a modern twist.

At our grand opening, we are delighted to share that a ritual named Shoubaihanjokigan (商売繁盛祈願) was performed by a Shinto priest. This traditional ceremony, although more a societal custom than religious, is said to bring prosperity to all involved in a new business.

We are looking forward to welcoming guests and helping them experience the arts and crafts of this unique neighbourhood of Tokyo.


Measures to prevent COVID-19 infections

Measures to prevent COVID-19 infections

November 1, 2021


Asakusa Kaede has implemented the following measures against COVID-19 infections in accordance with the guidelines set by the national government and Taito Ward in Tokyo.

We would also like to ask our guests for their understanding and cooperation with the following measures so that they can enjoy staying at our hotel with peace of mind.


Measures taken within the hotel

  • Regular ventilation and disinfection of public areas
  • Provision of hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Disinfection of furniture and equipment during room cleaning
  • Ensuring hygiene in the Kaede Lounge
  • Installation of a splash protection partition at the front desk
  • Cashless payment system at the front desk


Initiatives for employees

  • Employees are encouraged to take their temperature before work and to gargle, wash their hands and disinfect their hands
  • Wearing of masks by all employees, including when leaving for work
  • Ensuring social distance


Requests to our guests

  • Please take your temperature and disinfect your hands when you arrive
  • If you have a fever, please refrain from visiting
  • If you feel any change in your health, please contact our staff