Our Suite Rooms

Nine uniquely designed suite rooms beautifully decorated with celebrated Japanese arts and crafts – kimono, ceramics, woodblock prints and paper – that evoke the four seasons allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture.

Learn about the colours, patterns and embroidery techniques used in Japan’s national dress; explore the characteristics and history of regional ceramic traditions; reflect on evocative woodblock scenescapes that juxtapose nature, the seasons and a traditional way of life; and appreciate the warm textures and intricate designs of papercraft.


The national dress of Japan varies in colours and patterns by seasons, exquisite embroidery, wonderful hand painting, complex dyeing and evocative renditions of natural motifs.


There are many styles of Japanese ceramics: from intricate Edo Kiriko glassware to decorative Kutani and rustic Mashiko pottery. Each one brings to life stories unique to their region.

Woodblock Printing

The technique is best known for its beautiful printed art forms, such as ukiyo-e, by artists such as Hokusai and remains popular to this day.


From washi paper with its warm texture to finely cut ise katagami stencils that epitomise intricate design, locals have cherished paper’s qualities for centuries.

Family Suite​

Stay in our exclusive penthouse suite (‘Edo Suite’) devoted to the art of Japanese craftsmanship. In this family suite – spanning the entirety of the top floor – you can enjoy exquisite examples of crafts whilst savouring the warm texture of tatami matting beneath your feet and enjoying inspiring views of Tokyo Skytree from your private balcony.​

  • A modern interpretation of a traditional ryokan room that can host up to six guests.
  • Six plush futon sets to place on the warm tatami
  • Two beautiful bathrooms offer extra convenience for use by a large family or group.
  • 47 square metres (509 square feet).
  • Crafts featured: kimono cushions, Edo Kiriko glassware, Hiroshige woodblock prints and paper fans.
  • Premium amenities

One exclusive family suite: Edo Suite

Edo Suite​

Deluxe Suite​

Our four Deluxe Suites offers a generous space in which to relax and plan your adventures. Beautifully furnished with beds as well raised tatami platform, allowing you an authentic daytime gathering space while accommodating two additional futons at night. A display of Japanese crafts will inspire your exploration of the local area.

  • Perfect for up to four guests.
  • Beds: two single beds and two plush futon sets.
  • 28 square metres (302 square feet).
  • Premium amenities

The four suites are each uniquely decorated and feature one of the following crafts: kimono, ceramics, woodblock printing or paper.

Four available suites: Mashiko, Aizome, Mino Washi, Hiroshige.



Mino Washi


Junior Suite​

Our three Junior Suites are spacious and most enjoyable to stay in. In addition to twin beds, our raised tatami matting platform can accommodate two plush futons – from up to four guests can rest comfortably. Seasonal examples of Japanese craft are presented in a modern setting.

  • A spacious suite that sleeps up to four guests.
  • Beds: two singles beds and two plush futon sets.
  • 24 square metres (261 square feet).
  • Crafts featured: kimono, woodblock printing or paper
  • Premium amenities

Three suites available: Karakami, Hokusai, Nishijin







Queen Suite​

The Queen Suite provides a very comfortable space for two or three guests. Relax in a large queen-size bed and enjoy planning your day seated on the tatami matting platform. A plush, comfortable futon set can be arranged on the tatami platform, providing a bed for a third guest. Seasonal examples of Japanese ceramics are displayed on a modern display rack.

  • A comfortable room for up to three guests.
  • One queen bed and one plush futon set.
  • 19 square metres (208 square feet).
  • Crafts featured: ceramics.
  • Premium amenities

One unique suite available: Kutani




All rooms include the following amenities:

  • Raised tatami platform
  • Chabudai low table and zabuton cushions
  • Quality bathroom fixtures, including a deep bathtub
  • Refrigerator
  • Water server – to reduce plastic waste we provide fresh water servers and glasses. You can bring your own reusable water bottle.
  • 50” Smart TV
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Display of Japanese crafts

To reduce waste, we do not provide disposable items such as toothbrushes in the room, but they are available upon request from the front desk. Other items are available to borrow: iron and ironing board, trouser press, mobile phone chargers, nail clippers, travel adapters, and room ware (Yukata). Please note there is a limited number of these items available.