Kaede Arts & Crafts

Make your stay a treasured memory by enjoying a unique experience in the heart of Tokyo’s arts and crafts district. We have curated a select list of one-of-a-kind classes in collaboration with our local partners – book now through our website.​ Let us know if you wish to explore other arts & crafts – our cultural curation team will be happy to help you.

Experience Aizome –Traditional Indigo Dye Craft​

Experience Aizome, a Japanese dyeing practice with an 800-year history at a local atelier. Make your own handicraft and learn about its traditional and modern applications. Create a unique t-shirt, dress, tote-bag, wall hanging, a pair of shoes, or bring your own items to dye.​

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Experience Edo Kiriko –Beautiful Japanese Glasswork ​

Create your own unique decorative glass and learn the intricate techniques of Edo Kiriko – Japanese glass craft – in a private workshop session held at a riverside location. After your experience, make sure to visit the atelier’s eclectic store that is frequented by many of Tokyo’s bar and restaurant owners.​

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Experience Ginki –Elegant Japanese Silversmithing ​

Tokyo silversmithing (ginki) is characterized by its high quality, beauty and durability. Learn the techniques from a 12th-generation silver master and produce a one-of-a-kind object that will sure to be kept as a treasured item. Craft and personalize an ice-cream spoon, cup, jewellery or a good luck charm with the friendly team of silversmiths.​

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Experience Nihonshu -Sake Tasting Session ​

Sample four distinct styles of rare nihonshu (sake), each one carefully selected and sourced from a regional craft sake brewery in collaboration with Tokyo Sake Street, a specialist in seldom-seen examples. After the tasting session, be sure to visit their shop to purchase your favorite!​

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