Asakusa Arts & Crafts

Would you like to experience Japan’s traditional craftsmanship, something that is not easy to encounter in everyday life? Once you start, you may find yourself deeply engrossed in its profound beauty. Make your stay a treasured memory by enjoying a unique experience in the heart of Tokyo’s arts and crafts district.

Experience Aizome –Traditional Indigo Dye Craft​

Experience Aizome, a Japanese dyeing practice with an 800-year history at a local atelier. Make your own handicraft and learn about its traditional and modern applications. Create a unique t-shirt, dress, tote-bag, wall hanging, a pair of shoes, or bring your own items to dye.​

Experience Edo Kiriko –Beautiful Japanese Glasswork ​

Create your own unique decorative glass and learn the intricate techniques of Edo Kiriko – Japanese glass craft – in a private workshop session held at a riverside location. After your experience, make sure to visit the atelier’s eclectic store that is frequented by many of Tokyo’s bar and restaurant owners.​

Experience Ginki –Elegant Japanese Silversmithing ​

Tokyo silversmithing (ginki) is characterized by its high quality, beauty and durability. Learn the techniques from a 12th-generation silver master and produce a one-of-a-kind object that will sure to be kept as a treasured item. Craft and personalize an ice-cream spoon, cup, jewellery or a good luck charm with the friendly team of silversmiths.​

Experience Nihonshu -Sake Tasting Session ​

Sample four distinct styles of rare nihonshu (sake), each one carefully selected and sourced from a regional craft sake brewery in collaboration with Tokyo Sake Street, a specialist in seldom-seen examples. After the tasting session, be sure to visit their shop to purchase your favorite!​