An elegantly designed new Boutique Hotel in the heart of Tokyo’s most historic district​
Created with one mission:​
Offering our discerning guests an exclusive, luxurious and immersive experience​
into the world of Japan’s celebrated arts and crafts.

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Embark on a Cultural Journey

Steps away from Tokyo’s oldest and most famous temple, Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon Temple), in a historic and dynamic neighbourhood, Asakusa Kaede fuses Japan’s traditional arts and crafts with a contemporary design.

We are passionate about delivering an authentic Japanese hospitality experience, curating a stay for you to enjoy local arts, crafts, culture and dining in a holistic way. This journey of cultural exploration begins in our exquisitely designed rooms.

Each of our nine suites showcases a Japanese art or craft. Relax on the ultra-comfortable bed or rest on the traditional tatami mats and contemplate the mastery of Hokusai’s woodblock prints, the beauty of kimono fabrics, the intricacies of Kutani ceramics or the magic of Japan’s paper art …

Discover Lesser-Known Tokyo

Asakusa Kaede enables you to discover an often-missed aspect of Tokyo – the ateliers of master craftsmen and the thriving art scene. We guide you to learn the secrets behind Japan’s most beloved arts and crafts, from wood carving and papercraft to fabric and dyeing, to ceramics and glassware. For gourmands, Asakusa is the origin of an array of beloved Japanese dishes as well as sake, shochu and other drinks.

We help you to connect with local artists, gain insight into traditional techniques and deepen your appreciation of Japanese craftsmanship with our exclusive experience workshops and tasting sessions.

Create Your Unique Experience

Our in-house team of cultural curators are dedicated to supporting your journey of discovery with experiences tailored to your interests. Explore the historic temples, craft shops, art galleries and outstanding eateries in this vibrant neighbourhood.

Fancy strolling the streets in kimono and riding in a rickshaw carriage? How about experiencing the quiet of a temple at dawn before a riverside yoga session? Or would you prefer picking up the perfect knife in the kitchenware district before enjoying seasonal delicacies at a kaiseki restaurant?

Afterwards, relax and enjoy our art collection, before joining a gourmet tasting session or cultural event in the Kaede Lounge.

Asakusa – the historic heart of Tokyo

Staying at Asakusa Kaede allows you to become connected to a world of arts, crafts and culture in a neighbourhood long known for its ateliers, workshops and wide range of quality eateries. Located only a two-minute walk from the landmarks of Sensoji Temple and Kaminarimon, you are truly in the heart of historic Tokyo.

Artistry of Asakusa

Asakusa and its surrounds are home to hundreds of specialist ateliers, workshops and shops devoted to Japanese crafts, many of which have been practiced by the same family for generations. Uncover the best examples of Edo kiriko glassware, handheld paper fans, beautiful kimono, decorative fabrics and many other crafts.

Cultural Centre​

Take in Sensoji Temple in solitude at dawn or exercise along the banks of the Sumida River. Experience the enigmatic charm of the historic downtown whilst walking through vibrant backstreets on the way to museums dedicated to masters of art. A short taxi ride takes you to Kuramae with its innovative crafts scene or to Ryogoku, famous for its sumo stables and museums specialising in the Edo period (1603–1867).

Food for Thought

Asakusa is home to outstanding Japanese cuisine, with many eateries credited for originating popular dishes. Tempura, soba and udon noodles, rice balls, grilled meats, sushi, seafood and Japanese sweets can be enjoyed in the neighbourhood. See our curated guidebook for recommendations on must-visit places and hidden gems.

Area & Activities

Stay immersed at Asakusa Kaede

Our nine suite rooms have been meticulously crafted to deliver a unique appreciation of Japanese craft culture. Minimalist, clean lines create a beautiful canvas to feature beloved Japanese arts and a serene colour palette to celebrate the four seasons. Each room is furnished with natural textures, including tatami mats and low furniture from which to enjoy our showcase displays of fine Japanese arts and crafts.

To further help our guests gain an authentic and immersive experience, our hotel is also partnering with artisans in Asakusa to bring you a range of exciting, authentic arts and crafts programs.