Crafting a New Boutique Hotel in Tokyo's Historic District

How did Asakusa, a district that uniquely fuses the historic and traditional atmosphere with modernity, influence the design of the hotel? What concepts were at the heart of the project?

To find out, please watch the discussion between Nobuykui Fujimoto, the hotel's architect, and Kyoko Yokoyama, head of project management at Housing Japan, who provided design supervision for the project.





Grand Opening and Blessing Ceremony

We are incredibly excited to be opening our boutique hotel today. A stone’s throw away from Sensoji, (the most famous temple in Tokyo), you are invited to embark on a cultural journey by staying with us in the heart of Asakusa. Enjoy our luxurious themed suites, all exhibiting unique aspects of traditional Japanese art and furnishings with a modern twist.

At our grand opening, we are delighted to share that a ritual named Shoubaihanjokigan (商売繁盛祈願) was performed by a Shinto priest. This traditional ceremony, although more a societal custom than religious, is said to bring prosperity to all involved in a new business.

We are looking forward to welcoming guests and helping them experience the arts and crafts of this unique neighbourhood of Tokyo.